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Why a Wedding Planner is so important in the wake of Coronavirus...

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

The world has been a funny place for the last few months, I hope you've all been keeping well and in positive spirits.

To those who have had to postpone weddings, I am so sorry, but I promise, you're time will come and you will have your best day ever!

However as we now look at the world of weddings somewhat improving, it is interesting to think that now, more than ever, a wedding planner may be vital to your big day.

You may already know why you need a wedding planner (if not, go and have a read of my other blog post!), but due to the change in how weddings may have to run, it got me thinking...

I have found 4 main reasons as to why you may need a wedding planner, in a post-covid wedding world.

  1. Outdoor Weddings may be more common - On-the-Day Coordination

  2. Planning a wedding once you return to work may be difficult - Bespoke Planning

  3. Worried about planning a wedding post-coronavirus - Full Planning

  4. Just need a little bit of support - Consultations or Additional Services


Outdoor weddings may be the norm. This, for the time being, may be the only way slightly larger weddings can occur! However, a field, marquee or tipi often does not come with a venue coordinator, therefore you may feel a little lost with how you are going to balance getting ready for your big day and ensuring that the set up of your outdoor wedding is exactly how you would like it!

There can also be a lot more planning that needs to go into planning an outdoor wedding that you wouldn't even think of... toilets, generators, rain alternatives!

This is why you may need a wedding planner for On-the-Day Coordination. I would come in anywhere from 2-8 weeks before your wedding day (but you can get in touch a lot earlier than this!) and organise timelines, coordinate suppliers and ensure that all loose ends are tied up! I will then be there for the day of your wedding (often from 8am - 2am) to assist in set up, coordination of the ceremony and reception right up until the last guest leave!

This means that you can enjoy the whole day without worrying about a thing!


Yay, you're engaged! *Cue happy dance* You may have used all the free time we had to begin your wedding planning journey, but now you may have gone back to work and find you do not have as much time!

This is where you may now need a wedding planner to assist with everything else you needed to organise! You will still keep all the control when making decisions, but you will still keep your social life rather than any free time being filled up by wedding planning and meetings!

In this case, my Bespoke Planning option would be perfect! *Yasss* I would come in at any point of your wedding planning journey (often between 4-8 months before your wedding day).

I would then organise anything that is left, this may include sourcing suppliers, guest list management, timeline creation and on the day coordination (just to name a few!)


Are you worried about planning a wedding post-coronavirus? You may need a wedding planner to give you the support throughout the whole planning process to bring some professional knowledge to the table. As a planner, I would be a helping hand organising everything from venue, to florist to catering, whilst you, of course would be at the forefront of any decision making.

This is why you may need a wedding planner for Full Planning. I would come in at the very start of your wedding planning journey (you may have booked your venue) and take you through every step of wedding planning. I would create mood boards so that you can see your dream wedding become a reality. This service would also include many meetings, both in-person and over Zoom/Skype, my attendance at supplier meetings (so that you can do all the fun parts... cake tasting... choosing flowers...), whilst I ask all the *slightly boring* questions!

However, Full Planning is so much more than this! Take a look and see!


You may be the queen or king of wedding planning *look at you go!* but just need a bit of advice or reassurance for some elements. Perhaps you need some professional advice when reading over the venue contract (in case they have any vital small print!) or you would like some help choosing a florist, or just want a check in every few months! There could be many reasons as to why you may just want some additional support.

Therefore, my Consultations or Additional Services may be the best thing for you! I can have a meeting, either in person or over Zoom/Skype as often as you like to discuss any elements of your wedding planning and I will offer you any support that you may need! Or alternatively, you can choose from my Additional Services list and, for example, I could offer support when setting up decor on the morning of your wedding, or venue finding.

So, after all of this... you may still be thinking you need a wedding planner!

Well... if this is the case, send me an email and we can start your wedding planning journey!

Super exciting!

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