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How long does it take to plan a wedding?

I often get asked how long do I need to plan a wedding and truth be told, there is no set answer. I do not plan weddings by following a scheduled and time-constrained to do list and the actual answer to this question is based solely on when the couple want to get married. If they want to get married in 2 years, we can do this; 1 year, we can do that too; or even 12 weeks (we have done that!)

I get enquiries all year round, but my most popular times a couple will book me is either after Christmas, Valentines Day, or most commonly, after a summer of attending friends’ weddings and now put a focus on theirs. My couples’ often work with me anywhere from 2 years or less (most commonly around 1 year to 18 months).

However, I would like to stress, that there is no right or wrong timeframe. If you would like to give yourselves 4 years, that then is absolutely fine, likewise, giving yourselves 6 months or less is also no problem.

The suppliers I tend to work with, like me, don’t take on too many weddings each year, so their availability is much more flexible and can take on most, if not all of my clients. However, I always do like to mention (and hopefully won’t have to, for too much longer) that due to the global pandemic, there is still a knock-on effect to our industry and suppliers have less availability than usual.

The quickest time we have had to plan a wedding is 12 weeks, so the answer to the initial question of ‘how long does it take to plan a wedding’, really is as little or as much time as you have and need.

When working with Poppy Sienna Events, no matter how much time you have, we ensure that you feel valued, listened to and relieved from stress, throughout the whole planning process, including your wedding day.

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