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Although very cliche, I love, love... but not the overly romantic, PDA type of love, the subtle, personal type of love and this is shown in the weddings that I create.

PSE weddings are timeless, classic, stylish, yet understated and refined, with pockets of personality drizzled throughout the day. 


I am a multi-award-winning, luxury wedding & event planner based in the UK. I am hugely passionate about what I do and when working with my wonderful client to design and execute one of the most important celebrations of their lives, I am well & truly in my element. 

For me, it is vital to create the right team for you, this is why I have my core team of industry-leading suppliers who not only are amazingly versatile, but all bring varying skills to the table. This means you will not have a 'one-size-fits-all' wedding, I handpick the supplier from my team that I know will work best for you. Most importantly, the team I create are supportive, talented and works well together, but are also excited for your day.


The essence of a Poppy Sienna wedding is to bring you your wedding, one that is full of love, one that is the embodiment of you as a couple, whether this is bringing the outside in with a meadow of flowers, or the epitome of a classic black tie wedding. A Poppy Sienna wedding is unforgettable, full of laughter and stylish, one your guests will always talk about for the right reasons.

I work exclusively for a limited number of clients each year, meaning that you receive a dedicated, seamless service, knowing you are valued and important to me 

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My mum is a teacher and adores her job and is such a hard worker. She has been hugely influential in my desire to become entrepreneurial: she taught me the importance of hard work, being kind, never giving up and of course, doing something you love.

I always knew I wanted to build a business, but initially just didn’t know what (!) and when choosing a career path, I didn't go down the conventional university route, instead, as a hands-on creative, I threw myself straight into the working world, gaining invaluable experience in the busy London events scene as an event coordinator, then as a luxury wedding coordinator at a beautiful wedding venue and also working as a high-end catering manager for a large catering company. All of these working experiences have influenced how I work successfully now, each role taught me key business techniques that I will carry with me throughout my career. I always loved interacting with people and always wanted to have the freedom to do what I love and help people along the way.


I knew that I had found an industry that I loved. It’s a highly emotive industry, customer-focused and creative. I saw something I could build from scratch; something I could be passionate about and be proud of. And here we are now...

I founded my company because I wanted to help those couples who were style-conscious, design-minded and wanted their guests to have an unforgettable experience. Since the beginning of Poppy Sienna, I have had the honour of creating luxury weddings, lavish parties, intimate dinners and multi-day events across the UK for my wonderful clients.

It is such a privilege to take you through the planning process, allowing you to enjoy your engagement, rather than it being filled with the stress that is often associated with planning a wedding.

For me, I get to know you on a personal level and understand what makes you tick, what you love and what you dislike. This happens at the very beginning of the planning process so that I can create the day that is perfect for you. Your effortlessly stylish day.

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I work tirelessly to ensure that your day exceeds all of your expectations because I truly care about you and your guests.


I don't work with a one-size-fits-all approach, I provide a completely bespoke service, giving you my time, bringing you regular updates so you never feel as if you are out of the loop and a flexible schedule, working around your busy work and lifestyles.


On the day itself, my team and I, along with the wonderful array of suppliers, work behind the scenes to bring you your seamless day, so you never need to worry about a thing and can immerse yourself in being the bride or groom.

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