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the design

A Poppy Sienna celebration always begins with creating a visual representation of how you envisage your event. For me, this is important so not only I can interpret your vision, but you can also see all of your ideas on paper and confirm that this truly is what you imagined. At this stage, I often suggest elements that you may have never been thought of!

I do this in two ways, firstly I send you a simple questionnaire, where you choose your preferences from a range of options, this particularly helps if you haven't quite yet narrowed down key design decisions. We then have a detailed design meeting to further get your visions understood and I then produce a detailed moodboard so you can visually see your event.

By confirming these design decisions, I can then go on to find you the talented team to transform all of these ideas into true creations.


the planning

During the planning process, we are never too far apart as I always keep you regularly updated. I keep my planning methods simple and straightforward, I don't believe this should be over-complicated. I manage your event logistics, finances and payment reminders, supplier communication, calendar management and site visits, meaning that you never need to get tied up in the paperwork and admin of your celebration.


the suppliers

I only ever recommend the suppliers that I know will work best for you. I have a close team who I work with, and each brings their unique and incredible skills, allowing me to select the ones whose skills match your event needs.

Having your reliable team who work immensely well together, allows me to curate and deliver a wedding of the highest standards. My suppliers truly care about your event and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


the day

All of our hard work is shown when it finally reaches your event day. I bring a skilled team with me to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. We are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave, ensuring that the set up of your celebration is exactly as it should be, personally ensuring that all cutlery is straight, chairs are all in line and you & your guests will walk in and be wowed.

Throughout the day, we subtly work for you to greet your guests and guide them throughout the day and see them off at the end of the night, whilst packing down and ensuring that everything has been perfect for you.

I charge a set fee which is determined by the size, complexity and length of your celebration.

Investment often begins at £2500

I look forward to hearing from you and beginning to plan your wonderful day.

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