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How much does a wedding tipi cost?

What is the average spend for Tipi Wedding?

The Average price for a Tipi wedding to accommodate between 100-150 guests is approximately £5500. This price includes 3 of our gorgeous Giant Hats, matting, lighting, dance floor and seating.

What can affect wedding Tipi prices?

  • Guest numbers will naturally have the biggest effect on prices. As the size of the structure increases as do the rental costs.

  • We offer generous discounts on out of season celebrations that take place between October and April.

  • A delivery charge is applied to set-ups that fall outside of our catchment area. Generally, as a rule of thumb we charge £3 per mile for anything that is beyond 50 miles of Fawkham, Kent.

  • Venues and ground rentals also have a bearing on overall budgets. Tipis are very versatile and providing you can obtain some land, you can have a festival themed event anywhere!

  • Generators and portable toilets are an integral part of a festival themed wedding budget with a combined average cost of around £1400.

What can you get for your budget?

As a starting point a customer’s quotation will include the structures, matting, lighting, dancefloor and seating. This is more than sufficient to host an event.

We also supply canvas extensions to provide more space within the structures. These are seamless and can add up to 20% floor space. This is a far more economical solution than adding an additional structure.

We also supply wood fired pizza ovens and wet and dry bar hire, interior and exterior fire pits, Tipi style catering tents and little hat tents. After the initial quotation, the options really are endless.

Why is a Tipi more expensive than a traditional Marquee?

There are a few factors that determine this:

  • Time and manpower. A typical Tipi set up of Three Hats will take seven crew members around 9 hours. This excludes de-rig.

  • Tipi’s are also notoriously heavy. Our crew will be expected to erect around 3 tonne of structure, canvas and furnishings.

  • Tipis are also extremely unique and a real vocal point. Our structures are authentically handcrafted and imported from Sweden. The purchase cost of a typical marquee and furnishings are around £30000 in comparison to £60000 for a Tipi.

Our passion for what we do and the pride we take in our work has won us dozens of happy clients, awards and five-star reviews. You can get tipis from other suppliers, sure. But with MyTipiEvent, hiring your tipi is just one part of our service. From the minute you make an enquiry, our aim is to get to know you as well as possible. As well as helping you choose the best tipis, we want to flourish you with extra touches, creative ideas and oodles of inspiration. And when it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get. Our costs are competitive, transparent and inclusive, with no hidden costs or extras. Guaranteed. Perhaps most important of all, our friendly and helpful team are there to support you at every stage. Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to. It’s your special day after all.

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