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How much does a wedding hairstylist cost?

I’m Sally-Kate hairstylist and founder of Hair by Duboux. I help modern and traditional brides by bringing the wow factor to their wedding day hair. This means I tailor my service to not only make you look amazing but feel amazing too!

You don’t want to leave a good hair day to chance for your wedding day, you want to know, like and trust that your hairstylist can deliver the goods.

I fell into the wedding industry eight years ago through a friend asking for help, one reason or another the hairstylist was unable to achieve Rachels dream (thankfully prior to the big day). Through my background of working with performers, actors and creatives in the entertainment industries I was able to save my friend and bride-to-be.

Hair by Duboux is built on solid foundations of never wanting a bride to feel dissatisfied or let down by their hairstylist, so combining my passion for all things hair and my love of a wedding, my business was formed.

If you would like to chat about how I can assist you on getting your hair prepped and ready for the best day of your lives then you can catch me on the links below;

Instagram - @hair_by_duboux

Facebook - @Duboux

Pinterest - @hairbyduboux

How much does a wedding hairstylist cost?

The cost for a wedding hairstylist can vary from some individuals or independent salons charging as little as £35.00 for a hair up to other stylists charging up to and above £400+ for the bride alone.

I am priced within the mid to luxury wedding market with my brides often requesting a refined smooth and glossy finish to a glamorous style such as Hollywood Waves, which has become my most popular bridal hairstyle.

My prices start at £65.00 for guests. This doesn’t mean you’ll be inviting your actual wedding guests to get their hair done at your expense but merely encompasses all members of the bridal party, such as your bridesmaids, to mother of the bride/groom maybe even a grandparent or an aunt.

My bridal styling services are priced at £220.00 and are structured slightly differently to fellow hairstylists as you would normally see a break down in costs for a hair trial and then on the day styling. I believe that a hair trial for a bridal booking should come as standard.

Hair trials are fundamental, not only in getting to try out up to three hairstyles but it is the connection between a bride-to-be and the chosen hairstylist. You want to feel looked after, and have a genuine bond. Your hairstylist and chosen makeup artist are with you at the most exciting, nervous and vulnerable part of your day and a trial builds the foundations of that very relationship.

What can affect wedding hairstyling prices?


The location of your hairstylist to the location of your chosen wedding venue will add to the cost of your day. Also bear in mind your location to that of your chosen hairstylist as you may incur additional costs for travel surrounding your hair trial too. I am based in Hockley, Essex in the UK and refuse to charge couples who chose to marry in my home county (despite it being rather large) that being said I do serve the whole of the UK and charge for travel outside of Essex and further afield in regards to destination weddings.

Wedding Date

There are more desirable dates such as weekends and bank holidays in particular the August bank holiday. Alongside peak seasons generally falling between April-September generally coming with an additional charge or a premium. Some hairstylists factor this into their prices however my rates are consistent throughout the year. My services don’t change just because you managed to secure one of the most sought after dates so I feel why should my prices! I would say that if you getting married within the ‘peak’ season to enquire with all of your dream suppliers as soon as you have a date and venue secured to avoid disappointment of missing out.


When do you book a hairstylist and how does the day work? A lot of hairstylists including myself open the diary up 12-18months in advance with some opting for a wait list for those who are exceptionally organised 18months plus. My advice as I mentioned above is to enquire as soon as possible. Regarding the timings of the day every wedding is different and every bridal party is unique from numbers to hair types to styles so timings aren’t a one size fits all.

To give a rough idea of timings, I spend around forty-five minutes with the guests and anywhere from an hour or two with the bride. Your on the day schedule is drawn up by working backwards from your ceremony time and after communicating with your makeup artist to ensure we work cohesively as a team. It's always good to find out what time you can gain access to the bridal suite if you are arriving at the venue on the morning of your wedding.

Tip - The larger the bridal party, try and get a later ceremony time to ensure you have plenty of time to get ready in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

To really achieve that wow factor, maybe a change of hairstyle for the wedding reception or to have your hairstylist on hand for the photographs communicate this at the time of enquiry to ensure the day is exclusively yours (charges may apply).

Hidden Costs

I hate the concept of hidden costs. The title itself tells you its hidden, why? I’ve tried to keep my services and the reflected prices as transparent as possible. The only ‘hidden’ costs as such that you may not have factored in would be for a Destination Wedding.

I am more than happy to travel overseas for my couples but it does come with additional costs. A lot of information to consider when planning on flying your suppliers out for your wedding but with clear communication anything is possible.

Flights - Will be booked and paid for by the couple or booked by the myself and reimbursed. As we all know when booking our much loved holidays ‘the early bird catches the worm’ - meaning the sooner you book the flights the cheaper they are (9/10). Also bear in mind travel times, yes a flight may be cheaper but is it the most time efficient, if flying out on the day of the wedding. Travel charges will apply for the return journey to and from the UK airport and any parking fees, likewise when you land, will transport be required? If so travel expenses will be covered by the couples either through connection of public transport, taxi or hire car including fuel costs.

Accommodation - Depending on the location and the flight times accommodation may be require the evening prior to the wedding or the evening of the wedding*. The accommodation should be a hotel or BnB and be within thirty minutes to that of the wedding venue. Again transport may be required and bear in mind your schedule or start time of the wedding, if this fall outside of public transport services.

*if staying the night of the wedding your hairstylist may be available for on the duration of the wedding, for photographs and for a potential hairstyle change for the wedding reception. This service is available for UK based weddings at an additional charge.

Subsistence - For every 24hrs spent away from home an additional charge is applied.

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled for a number of my couples with the locations varying from all inclusive hotels to remote venues tucked into the countryside. My destination weddings include - France, Italy and Mexico to date with Canada hopefully happening for this summer (keeping everything crossed for my couple) no distance is too far.

What can you get for your budget?

Many hairstylist will have a clause in their T&Cs that states a minimum spend is required to secure a booking for example a weekend that falls in the peak season, whereas other hairstylists have a package system, for example, spend X amount and you get 1,2,3. With different packages or levels being available.

I have a minimum spend of £350.00 which is usually made up of bride plus two guests, however with the uncertainty surrounding larger weddings taking place I have wavered this fee until we have a roadmap provided by the government for the safe return of all weddings regardless of their shape or size. My reason for doing this was to support my couples who have had to downsize from their initial plans and for the enquiries coming through from brides-to-be opting for a more intimate micro wedding.

What goes into calculating the cost of a wedding hairstylist?

Like any profession or trade, knowledge is power and when combined with experience you get a premium service (or at least you’d hope so). The cost of any supplier should reflect their product or service and be a true representation of their qualifications and skillset. I provide my couples with a luxury service bringing sixteen years of experience to my couples wedding, so if I charged £35.00 for a hair up it wouldn’t be a true representation of my knowledge or experience and wouldn’t cover the costs of the luxury service I pride myself on, quality products I use to fulfil my services and that of my time.

Hairstyling is just one element of running a business factor in the time spent on my customers, the level of service I provide through communication, emails, texts, calls as well as sourcing products best suited to my clients on an individual basis. The additional roles of a small independent business include and aren’t limited to an accountant, web designer, social media manager, pr, content creator, blogger, marketing manager, SEO, Receptionist and so much more.

Booking a hairstylist for your wedding day is so much more than creating hair, it is an investment. Looking back at your wedding album (and film) in years to come and the power of those moments transporting you back in time to when you looked and felt incredible.

Sally-Kate Duboux

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