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How much does a wedding cake cost ?

What influences the cost of a wedding cake?

Of all the details of your wedding day, your guests will most remember the wedding dress and the food.

This includes your cake, so its well worth the investment to make sure it’s as amazing as possible. But what should you be spending on your cake? There are so many factors can affect the price you pay; here are a few things to consider when planning your dream wedding cake:

Size – It may sound obvious, but the more guests you want to feed, the bigger the cake needs to be, which increases your cake costs accordingly.

Quality of ingredients – Your wedding cake will not only need to look amazing, but it should also taste incredible! Higher quality ingredients, including the use of natural over artificial flavourings, will be reflected in the taste as well as the price of your cake.

Complexity of design – A simple naked cake with fresh flowers will be relatively straight forward to make, whereas a similar sized iced cake with intricate handmade decoration and sugar flowers will likely take well over a week. A single sugar flower can take around an hour for an experienced cake artist to make, so you can imagine how time consuming a full cascade of sugar flowers can be! Also consider whether your design includes toppers, props or cake stands; there may be additional charges to purchase or hire certain items.

Location – This may not necessarily affect the price of your cake; however, it is definitely worth considering how far away your venue is from where your cake maker is based. Transporting a wedding cake is very nerve-wracking, even for experienced cake makers! Make sure you factor in any delivery and set up fees, this is definitely not a task you want to be worrying about on your wedding day!

Experience & expertise – Cake designers who have invested time and money into perfecting their skills with additional training will likely have a much higher standard of cake making and decorating, as well as the experience to fix any problems that may arise on the day, which will be reflected in their price. You may be able to find a lower price from a cake maker in the early stages of their business, but do make sure you can see examples of their previous work to make sure you won’t be disappointed with the standard of decoration on the day.

Other factors – Most cake makers I know will spend countless hours over many months thinking about your cake; making sure the design is perfect, planning how, when and where it will be displayed, liaising with your other suppliers to make sure everything goes to plan and a whole host of other related tasks. Though you will unlikely see a direct charge for such services, the cost will be covered within your overall pricing.

What can you get for your budget?

Wedding cake costs with vary with different cake designers. My wedding cake prices typically start from £300.

£300 - £400

For a budget of £300-400 you can expect to get a 3-tier cake with minimal decorations and possibly fresh flowers (subject to florist budget)

£400 - £600

For £400-600 you can expect a 3 or 4-tier cake with more detailed decorations and/or a selection of sugar flowers.

£600 - £1000

For £600-1000 you can expect 5 tiers or more with intricate details and larger arrangements of handmade sugar flowers.

£1000 +

For £1000+ the possibilities are endless. You can expect a real showstopper with incredible detail for this budget.

Rebecca Peterkin

RT Cakes

Facebook: RT Cakes

Instagram: @rtcakes


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