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Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Well... you'll save precious time, money and you'll have less stress and that's just the start of the benefits!

You may be asking questions like...

Is it worth spending money on a wedding planner? How will they be able to help me? Is it really worth it? How can we trust that they will make our day exactly how we want it?

If you are asking any of the above, or even just considering hiring a wedding planner, then read on!

When it comes to planning your big day, you have to juggle 101 things, including your job, social life and other daily things that crop up!

It can be a struggle, you will have venues inviting you to viewings, your family asking you if you've finally set a date and suppliers following up on the enquiry you sent them (you may not even remember who they are, out of the 10 emails you sent to nearby florist!)

Take a look at this mini questionnaire and see if any of this sounds like you!

  • Are you way behind on your wedding day checklist?

  • Are you sifting through hundreds of supplier emails?

  • Do you both work full-time jobs, meaning that you can only answer calls/emails and go to meetings in the evenings/on weekend

  • Are you excited about your wedding day but overwhelmed with the thought of wedding planning?

  • Do you actually know where to start?

  • Are you missing out on support from family/friends due to them living far away or being busy with their own jobs/personal lives, therefore they can't help with wedding planning?

  • Do you not know many people who can give you reliable vendor recommendations?

  • Are you having a destination wedding or a marquee/tipi/outdoor wedding?

  • Are there personality conflicts between the couple, their parents, and/or other people

  • Are you having a short engagement?

If the answer to even one of these is yes, then read on... you may need a wedding planner!

8 Reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

  1. Help manage your budget and ensure that you secure the best suppliers for the best prices.

  2. To ensure that your vision becomes a reality

  3. To keep things on track (e.g. payments, checklists etc.)

  4. To get supplier discounts

  5. To handle ceremony to reception turnaround (if you're having these at the same venue)

  6. To ensure set up on the day is how to would like it to be

  7. To coordinate the entire day

  8. To make sure that you enjoy your engagement, wedding planning and wedding day (and make it stress-free!)

So, after all of this... you may still be thinking you need a wedding planner!

Well... if this is the case, send me an email and we can start your wedding planning journey!

Super exciting!

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