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How much does wedding car hire cost?

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Simon from Arrow Vintage Cars near Basildon in Essex.

Now, Wedding Car Hire Prices do not need to be high or complicated. We at Arrow Vintage Wedding Cars in Essex have been offering Wedding cars for hire since 1987. Since then, we have never operated a complicated or by-the-hour hire cost structure. You are hiring our very special, rare, Vintage and Classic cars, not buying them. We believe that you should be focussing your attention on your special day, not on how much time is left on the meter. We believe in one price for the full day with no extra charges of fuel, mileage or time. Some of our competitors think differently, and that's fine, but we have years of experience and value the same things our wonderful Wedding Couples do. You can click here for our Google Review Page to read some fantastic testimonials.

Wedding Car Hire Cost Ranges

Prices to hire Wedding Cars will, for most, depend on a few factors. How from your hire company is the Wedding taking place? How far it is between destinations during the wedding? And, of course, which Wedding car or cars you choose. We here at Arrow Vintage Wedding Cars Essex have a large range of Wedding Cars to choose from. In fact, we are the largest and longest existing Wedding Car Hire company in Essex. Wedding Car hire prices with us range from £250 for one of our younger 1980s Classic Wedding Cars, up to around £395 for one of our oldest 1920s Wedding Cars. These prices will include full preparation and decoration of your cars prior to your Special day, all journeys during the day, finishing at taking you to your Wedding Reception. We always stay for all photographs/videos in between. Each car and its fully unformed, friendly, chauffeur will only complete YOUR Wedding that day. We arrive early and never rush away. This is something we have always done to ensure our happy Brides and Grooms have exclusivity.

Our Wedding Cars

Some may think that around £300 for five to six hours is a lot. But, it's worth considering that our cars (specifically) are all in exceptional condition and it's not free to keep them that way. They are all authentic Vintage cars from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, right up to the 1980s. Our vehicles have all been fully restored by us in house (not free) and are all quite valuable. To give you an insight into our costs, each car costs AT LEAST £3000 per year to fully insure with £10M worth of public liability insurance to protect you and all parties travelling in and around the Classic and Vintage Cars. EVERY responsible, professional and respectable Wedding Car Company SHOULD have full public liability insurance to protect you. So please ask any Wedding Car business you speak to if they have this important cover or not.


Arrow Vintage Wedding Car Hire has always prided itself on authenticity, and we always will. This does have an effect on Wedding car hire costs. Vintage and Classic vehicles are not cheap to buy or maintain, but they ARE the best quality by far. Many companies these days are offering "vintage style" cars/limousines. These are cheap plastic fakes that are usually poorly maintained and based on vans. They have reverse-facing mid-car seats, which even by standards of the past are not safe. Genuine Vintage and Classic Limousines will always have a forward-facing middle row of seats for your comfort and safety. The authentic item will always be made of metal & be much larger and more luxurious than the counterfeit alternatives. See our Facebook Page for further details.

In Closing

To sum up; Prices need not be high or expensive if you go with the right companies that value your experience during your Wedding Day. Try to deal with Wedding Car companies directly, and not through an 0800/wedding cars agency as they charge a fee added to your quote. Ensure you know where all the locations are for your wedding journeys. Try to Hire genuine aged Wedding Cars to Hire. The date of your wedding CAN have a bearing on Wedding Car Hire prices, but that is becoming less and less of a "thing" these days. Prices are coming down across the board for Wedding Car Hire, regardless of date, so this will now be in your favour. People buy from People, so ensure you like the people that you hire from. That's it!

Thank you for reading, and very best of luck in arranging your very special Wedding Day.

Simon Browse

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